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Come Follow Me

Come Follow Me

A new 3 track E.P from Bad Girlz;

Artist: Bad Girlz
Music style: Bass
Audiotrix - May 2019


Audiotrix are a family rave crew that started their lives on the road with Spiral Tribe sound system. Nearly 10 years on from our first release we still play Europewide almost every weekend . Our record label(s) have now reached 18 releases and we have started our own online record shop.

Our mission is to make people dance and we support vinyl as the best ever invented format for dance music.


Audiotrix was founded in the year 2000 in a disused railway station in the foothills of the pyrenees not far from the source of the river Tech - where the mobile soundlab had found a temporary base.
Under the influence of a local psychoactive tonic,crew members discovered a new method of frequency manipulation - that became known as an audiotrick.
Applying the results of this research on large groups of assembled people at high volumes audiotrix crew found that using combinations of the right frequencies they could induce positve mood change and dancefloor wide euphoria..... 


Organically homegrown beats are mixed with lovingly bred Basslines and subjected to intense frequency manipulation in the Audiotrix soundlabz.
They are then injected with our favourite musical flavours and left to mature for the time it takes to get them onto the vinyl.  


During the past week an unidentified alien sound virus had slipped past our filters,we are not sure how it entered the complex but my suspicions are that someone had left a noisegate unguarded.....
This virus immeadiately attacked all beats in the labratory area turning them into broken beats and a break doctor was summoned instantly into the area to fix the mix......
Luckily the treatment was sucessfull,the virus was evicted and all beats are now resting comfortably on a fat cushion of bass.