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Timelapse is a comment on the passing of time. Looking back on our lives and wondering how time has so quickly passed us by.

Artist: Ixindamix
Music style: Techno
Audiotrix - September 2018





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2 Recent Ixindamix Interviews (in French) and an exclusive liveset recorded for Tsugi mag to promote last years christmas party at Glazart.





New on Audiotrix Digital - Out Now!

Whilst on a recent visit to the city of Marseille, travelling preacher man, The Reverend Schnider was sucked into one of the city's infamous vortexes. When the preacher was finally regurgitated babbling incoherently at the Audiotrix HQ, Head-honcho and techno legend "Ixindamix" soon realised there was only one cure. With this a microphone was placed into his trembling hands and a new musical adventure began.....

The results have been described as a potent mix of Prodigyesque rave lines , spaced out funk organs , slamming amen breaks with a phat bass and soulful backing that fuse effortlessly with rock n' roll vocals.
A brand new take on Drum n Bass that embraces travelling culture as it was and how it is today.

Dictionary Definitions :

Ode to the Road (1.) An Anthemic, nostalgic tale of kinship for those connected to or dis-connected from the long and winding road...

Three Men in a Van (1.) a classic tale of modern man's struggle for identity in a confusing Post-Convoy landscape. (2.) An inevitable set of consequences that are unleashed when more than two men partake in any form of motorised transport.

Revved Up (1.)Hyperactivity caused by excitement or anticipation (2.)State of being caused by substance use (usually stimulants, such as cocaine, crack or amphetamines) some common characterstics include: rapid and constant speech, jitteriness, eagerness, extreme emotions (almost always anger, excitement, happiness, or confusion), recklessness, and spontaneous actions of an unpredictable nature.
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Additional drumming on Revved Up by Bagz
Artwork by Jak M.C.S  Custom Art Graphics


Latest Liveset recorded in Berlin - Total Machines



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