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Ode to the Road

Ode to the Road

A potent mix of slamming amen breaks,prodigyesque rave lines spaced out funk organs,phat bass and soulful backing that fuse effortlessly with rock n' roll vocals. A brand new take on DnB that embraces travelling culture as it was and how it is today.

Artist: Ixindamix, The Reverend Schnider
Music style: Drum n Bass
Audiotrix - February 2016

Audiotrix Releases

Bad Girlz Remixed

Bad Girlz Remixed

Ixindamix, Bad Girlz, Sim Simmer, Funny Ox, Charlie Kane, Nasty Binaries

Bad girlz get remixed by friends,family and some random lads they met at a party !!!

Music style: Breakbeat

Audiotrix - May 2011

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Promo mix available HERE

Release available also on Beatport and Juno DL

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