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Timelapse is a comment on the passing of time. Looking back on our lives and wondering how time has so quickly passed us by.

Artist: Ixindamix
Music style: Techno
Audiotrix - September 2018

Audiotrix Releases

The Way To Travel

The Way To Travel

Ixindamix, Racket Alert

ALL ABOARD!!!!!!!!!!!
Take a TICKET SOUTH with Racket Alert and find out THE WAY TO TRAVEL.
Join us on the Rez Up express where you will enjoy first class SILVER SERVICE in Basslines, Acid, Percussion, Breaks and Latin flavours.

Destination outer space!!!!

Zurück bleiben bitte ……. beep beep beep…….

Music style: Techno

Rez Up - May 2017

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Release available also on Juno DL

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