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Come Follow Me

Come Follow Me

A new 3 track E.P from Bad Girlz;

Artist: Bad Girlz
Music style: Bass
Audiotrix - May 2019

Audiotrix Releases

Don't Panik!

Don't Panik!

Ixindamix, Maskk

A1.Beerproof is a pumping, driving slice of rolling techno. Riding a hypnotically uplifting bassline this track just keeps building through the bleeps and is a guaranteed party starter on any dancefloor.

B1.Quirky and individual with a renegade organ at the controls, Get Funk is a deeper track with tribal toms running through it and a hint of industrial funk.

B2.Major Panik whips together breaks, techno and hip house into a heavy, vibrant flow. A warm yet menacing bassline anchors mesmerizing synths and an infectious vocal as this one heads straight downtown and onto the street.

Audiotrix - October 2013

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Promo mix available HERE

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