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Come Follow Me

Come Follow Me

A new 3 track E.P from Bad Girlz;

Artist: Bad Girlz
Music style: Bass
Audiotrix - May 2019

Audiotrix Releases

The Photo Synthesist E.P

The Photo Synthesist E.P

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Bicycle Forest rolls in on a deep, pumping groove. Flashes of tribal percussion and layers of primal sonics sweep through the mix, pushing on into a hypnotic dancefloor progression. The track was built around a haunting sample of a spinning bicycle wheel. Sub bass warmth anchors dreamlike shades and mesmerising melodics in Photo Synthesis, building an all enveloping spectrum. Many hours were spent up a tree sampling an owl. Tropical Sight rounds off this gleaming trek through a musical ecosystem with another fusion of liquid tones and all embracing bass, rippling fluidly through sun soaked moments of emotion.
Tropical Sight engineered by Crystal Distortion.

Music style: Techouse

Audiotrix - December 2013

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Promo mix available HERE

Release available also on Beatport and Juno DL

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